นี่คือ examples ของคำที่เกี่ยวข้องกับ internally คลิกที่คำใดก็ได้เพื่อไปที่หน้ารายละเอียดของคำนั้น หรือ, ไปที่คำจำกัดความของ internally

ตัวอย่าง internally

  • Internally caudillo warfare had set back any hopes of a truly national identity.

  • At the cotyledonary level, advanced degradation was observed on the surface as well as internally.

  • The awe and fear are internally related to what the ritual shows or says.

  • Those looking for a single clear and internally consistent set of rules to guide modern performers of eighteenth-century sonatas are once again out of luck.

  • Formulating completeness internally (but without syntax, as the essence of cut-elimination) was therefore the task.

  • A revised and internally consistent thermodynamic model for the interpolation and extrapolation of liquid-solid equilibria in magmatic systems at elevated temperatures and pressures.

  • Right now, no political organisation has affirmative action internally.

  • Questionnaires were internally validated within the research team (n 5) prior to use during the usability testing.

  • Internally, walls have been plastered with stucco romano that is neither tinted nor polished.

  • In communities of practice, unlike speech communities, the boundaries are determined not externally by linguists, but internally through ethnographically specific social meanings of language use.

  • He makes the simplifying assumption that all such viewpoints are internally consistent.

  • The question of what constituted a theme was peer reviewed internally for verification.

  • Internally, these values confer to the members the ability to reflect critically on the way they tackle tasks and relate to one another.

  • The objection compounds two confusions, between internally and externally conditional obligations and between an obligation's being unconditional and its having a condition that is met.

  • The desires of the courtly texts, thus, are encouraged and formed positively and internally by the call to self-mastery.

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