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ตัวอย่าง foothill

  • During the year eastern winds prevail in the central and eastern parts of the foothills and the mountains.

  • Foothill traders frequently acted as middlemen, carrying out trade from their homes rather than in formal marketplaces.

  • It is widely distributed and found in hills, foothills and plains up to an altitude of 2500 m above mean sea level.

  • Of all the species discovered in the mountains and foothills, 63 (or 18%) inhabit only this area without spreading to the plain.

  • Boundary disputes between valley and foothill dwellers were frequent during the 1930s.

  • People living in the intermediate foothills and in the grassy alluvial areas could live hidden from the view of outsiders, thus evading external control.

  • Valley dwellers arranged for their cattle herds to be tended by relatives or blood brotherhood (lusale) partners in the foothills.

  • Commerce also flourished between the lowlands and the foothills.

  • But these were limited by the amount of money a woman could realize from the sporadic sale of her young male kids in the desert foothills' market towns.

  • From these heights those struggling in the foothills of mere research are perhaps too easily overlooked, and their emphasis on the routine disciplines of research too easily marginalized.

  • We are walking hopefully in the scientific foothills of a gigantic mountain range.

  • No one wants even modest foothills of frozen lamb, let alone mountains.

  • There is a great deal of negotiation to do yet; we are only beginning on the small foothills of this mountain of negotiations.

  • This is the foothill, as it were, to the mountain of important legislation that will come before us within a week from now.

  • We shall, after all, be starting from the lowest foothills, looking up at a very high mountain.

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